The Hashbrown HasBeens

24 February, 2012
Group of recreational cyclists lined up in a caravan park

Social: the Hashbrown HasBeens have been riding together for some 20 years.

Bendigo bike riding groups, range from serious, competitive groups to informal, recreational groups who regularly ride for the exercise and friendship.

The “HashBrown HasBeens” commenced over 20 years ago with 3-4 riders and now has 9 regulars who meet for a weekly ride. The name comes is a description of the ages of most of the riders, as one member coined, “when we look in a mirror, it’s obvious why we’re called HasBeens, most of us retired or semi-retired. The HashBrown name comes from their regular habit of starting from a McDonalds and finishing there for breakfast”.

The group ride starts at 7.00am (7.30am during the winter) for a 25-30km ride around Bendigo, using a variety of routes. On the last Sunday of each month, the group does an off-road ride on mountain bikes, riding through the many and varied forests, parklands etc. which surround Bendigo. Even though many of the riders are long term inhabitants of Bendigo, it is always surprising to them to discover all sorts of new, interesting sights and places which exist in and around our city. Sometimes, after these off road rides, the group finishes up at someone’s house where breakfast is provided. Read the rest of this entry »


Invitation one and all to BDCC reunion

17 February, 2012
Group of cyclists posing formally

Reunion: the Bendigo and District Cycling Club is hosting a reunion during the Bendigo Madison carnival

Coming up soon, in just 3 weeks, 9th – 11th March Bendigo hosts their biggest weekend on the cycling calender the Bendigo International Madison.

Starting Friday night, a street criterium, showcasing the Madison riders of international and national fame along with many other top bike riders seeking to win this the prestigious curtain raiser event. Past famous name to have won this race have been Manx Flyer, a winner of the green jersey of the Tour de France, Mark Cavendish, and we hope to see another rising star this year. Read the rest of this entry »

Women shine in Cycling Club

4 February, 2012
Esther and Jessica warm up at a track meet

Proud history: women have long been a part of the Bendigo club. Esther and Jessica warm up at the track.

The diversity and depth of the Bendigo and District Cycling Club has not been in any way restricted to men. There is a great strength of women, from junior ranks right through to the elite women the cycling history books contain many club members’ names.

At the executive and committee of the club, a strong presence and support of women brings a balance to the male influence. The Life Members Hall of Fame in the year 2000, saw Eileen Spencer, Carol Anderson and Heather Bennett being inducted recognising their unerring support of Cycling in the Bendigo District and beyond. Read the rest of this entry »

Bendigo cycling club honour roll

22 January, 2012
Four cyclists with winning pennant

Winning club: Ian Grindlay - Billy Stevens - Merv Dean (Dec) - Brian Sonnerman - Frank McCaig (Dec) celebrate another win for the club. (Date unknown.)

The Bendigo and District Cycling Club has been extremely fortunate in the calibre and stable of riders that have been club members over many decades. The history books of cycling, locally, state wide, nationally, and internationally have been written on the name of many great athletes in cycling belonging to the Bendigo Club.

While events may no longer be run the history still remains that Bendigo has always been a competitive strength to reckon with. While it is risky to attempt to capture all the riders names as there is always the chance the we can miss recognising a significant contributor of the sport. Read the rest of this entry »

Cycling in Tokyo

15 July, 2011

Trenton Dean has lived in Japan for just under six years, and recently returned to Bendigo where the pace and population are somewhat much more relaxed. Living in and around Tokyo City where the population has just recently exceeded 13 million compared to the population of 22.6 million for the whole of Australia, cycling was an experience that we could not comprehend. We can take so much for granted where within 3-4 kilometres we can be on the outskirts of Bendigo riding on open country roads.

Trenton’s working day was from 8.00 am and most nights he would not get home until around 7.00 pm. Living 25 minutes south of the main CBD of the city made cycling a little more appealing for Trenton, in the warmer months to commute to work or get an early morning ride in prior to starting work. Read the rest of this entry »

Stepping up from weekend warrior to Vets

2 July, 2010
Group of cyclists racing in a criterium

Front runner: Gary Murdoch leads the pack during a veterans' criterium in Bendigo

A fact not widely known is that Veteran bike racers exist in their own individual spheres of reality which bump into other spheres of reality once a week during the race, and during these collisions of time and space the “real” reality is hopelessly scrambled. It is therefore quite normal to sit in the Woodstock Hall with a sandwich and a cup of coffee after a race and hear ten different versions of the event in which you participated, none of which bear any resemblance to your own recollections. You can be hailed as a hero when you felt like a mug, you can praise another’s efforts and hear he was on the rivet all day; you can commiserate with the third place-getter who has a smile from ear-to-ear as he mumbles something about his mark in the Oppy. And almost certainly you will have a laugh and, by the time you pull into the driveway, no matter how bad your race went, you will be looking forward to the next one and the chance to generate a new sphere of reality. Read the rest of this entry »

RACE to develop young cyclists

26 March, 2010
Nine young female cyclists and their coach

Next generation: RACE gives young cyclists a step up into the world of elite competition. Photo: Dean Murphy

Bendigo is a city of cycling culture and with a heritage that takes account of the many local family names being written in history books at national and world class events giving Bendigo its cycling pedigree. We can be proud of those that reached such dizzy heights, setting in place foundation stones through their experience to be learnt from and built on. Cycling is no doubt a tough sport, and only a chosen few have the intestinal fortitude and support to make it consistently at the higher levels. We see many athletes come and go in cycling that possibly could have made it with the right encouragement and support.

Some years ago Tim Decker and Dean Murphy reflected on this very point and how there is limited pathways for cyclists whether it be locally or at state or national institute level. The existing pathway is that if you are successful at some point in time in cycling at a National level you may get an invitation to join an institution but there is limited opportunity and many fall just short. Tim had been the head cycling coach for the Bendigo Bank Academy of Sport and had seen success in Zak Dempster, Glen O’Shea, Jamie Crass, George Tansley and Jessica Berry, to name but a few. Read the rest of this entry »