Bendigo a stepping stone to the world stage

Last week marked another amazing week in the world of cycling with Melbourne playing host to the UCI World Track Titles and what a sensational preview of the potential for the Australian Cycling Team in their individual and team quests for 2012 London Olympic Games.

For those that watched the TV coverage or for those that were fortunate to attend all or just one day or evening session there will be the spine tingling moment to savour for some time to come. Found it very encouraging and affirming that such a world class event we could see unquestionable evidence of the contribution that this cycling community of Bendigo has made. Some of us see time that it comes and goes some see time as it evolves and how past is the making of the future history.

Was a special moment to see Anna Mears break a world record being track side and feel the raw emotions rise up in all nationalities to honour her efforts and dedicate her victory to first coach that saw something in her that others could not see. Making history is for the risk takers that are prepared to sow into the lives of others even when they might not believe in themselves and that not reaching their goal when expected, is not the end.

We can be so grateful for Glenn O’Shea parents Con and Jenny and grandparents that prayed for Glenn to hold on and preserve to dig deep and find the character that being a world champion and hopefully an Olympian Gold medallist.

For the likes of Tim Decker for having the courage vision and belief that Glenn was more than capable of rising again to complete the hopes he had prior to being struck with an debilitating illness, taking time with the help of Michelle to stand as rocks encouragement and stake them beside Glenn as a wind battered tree that just needs to re-establish it roots into good soil.

For Aaron Anderson, response to administer medical support for unresolved injuries of athletes. We can also be grateful for the likes of the Bendigo International Madison committee for their confidence in Glenn and making opportunities available for increased exposure and competition. The story is none less than that of Scott and Donna McGrory and the Sydney 2000 Olympics and their heart retching trial tribulations before during and after yet allowing Scott to be in the heart of making a contribution into the world of cycling through his experience and insight.

There were the open doors of the people of Bendigo hosting athletes and their families attending both the Bendigo International Madison and World Titles allowing them to be relaxed and accommodated into a cycling community another hall mark of the contribution of Bendigo. It is a never ending story that starts at the grass roots of the sports and clubs making opportunity in entering into a sport where there is no end of possibilities, like that of the Bendigo and District Cycling Club, where such  journeys begin.

Feel sure that Bendigo is making a contribution at many levels and what is happening in our midst is all timely when we give our support and encouragement to any new beginner with hopes of being a champion.

Looking forward to seeing you on the road soon God willing.


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