Invitation one and all to BDCC reunion

Group of cyclists posing formally

Reunion: the Bendigo and District Cycling Club is hosting a reunion during the Bendigo Madison carnival

Coming up soon, in just 3 weeks, 9th – 11th March Bendigo hosts their biggest weekend on the cycling calender the Bendigo International Madison.

Starting Friday night, a street criterium, showcasing the Madison riders of international and national fame along with many other top bike riders seeking to win this the prestigious curtain raiser event. Past famous name to have won this race have been Manx Flyer, a winner of the green jersey of the Tour de France, Mark Cavendish, and we hope to see another rising star this year.

Saturday afternoon will be the heats of the Bendigo Thousand and other running events, while the night is dedicated to top cycling action in particular the last race of the night, being the aces scratch race, the Bill McLachlan Memorial. This event’s history boasts of past winners of the likes of Danny Clarke, Phil Sawyer, Stephen Pate, the Sutton Brothers, Garry and Shane. Worth the wait to see the international visiting stars competing against our local best in what is usually the fastest and most aggressive “5 Mile” on the program.

Sunday the program covers all ages of cycling and the Golden Mile final all leading up to the main event, The Bendigo International Madison. 2012 adds another page in its amazing history from where the race was first run 40 years ago in 1972.

The first three events were won by the exciting team of Keith Oliver and Rob Whetters. There has been the best in the world compete and the patrons of years ago will remember the showman Danny Clark, the incredible speed of Stephen Pate, the World Champions Garry Sutton and Steele Bishop, Sydney 2000 Olympians, Scott McGrory and Brett Aitken, the top world renown riders Stuart O’Grady, Baden Cooke and Rod Mc Gee. Bendigo can also be very proud of its own strength of riders in the likes of Phil Sawyer, Andy Stirling, David Maltby, Chris White, Tim Decker, Zac Dempster and Glenn O’ Shea who have all stamped their claim on being worthy winners.

On Monday, in the wake of the main event, the Bendigo and District Cycling Club, for the first time, are having a reunion of the past and present members. They are hoping for a really large turnout of all interested Cycling Community members, both old and young, regular visitors to our Thursday night racing, anyone who has stood on a corner with a red flag or anyone who would like to be part of this day. There are over 840 names listed of riders who have been club members that are still with us and is the hope that many of these can make the reunion.

Does not take much imagination of how many races will be raced again and how much faster they were and how bad the conditions were and how much higher the hills. Every person attending will carry their own interesting story and tales to share and compare.

If you are interested in attending the club organisers would like to hear from you before the day to help with catering. If you intend being part of this amazing day please call Keith Browell on 0407 527 578 or email and register as that will help them to gauge numbers. Cost is $20 cover the cost of catering.

Looking forward to seeing you on the road soon God willing


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