Nana Naps essential

Road sign reading: Trouble concentrating? Powernap now

Part of the routine: don't fight the afternoon nap, it's all part of the recovering cycle.

Australia Day – our own nation’s day and long weekend and the roads are usually very busy not only because of the holiday but also it is one of the last free weekends before school go back.

A custom on our country highway and byways are the road slogan warning us of the feeling tired, battling the yawns, weary and driving? Advice of the Road Traffic Authorities is to take a power nap or get out of the car and revive your drive.

Long weekend see service agencies offering cups of tea or coffee and a biscuit encouraging drivers and families to take a break and arrive alive and survive. Combination of the rest, the stimulant of coffee or tea, and food in the stomach all add to relieving the stress and concentration of driving and tiredness.  Statistic show that drivers are most at risk the closer they get close to home to push the envelope and make the extra effort to get home without taking an adequate rest break. Quite often being over familiar with the road and surrounds can have the effect of making us want to relax and feel we are there home safely often prematurely.

In the cycling community there is a bit of standard joke about the couch time or nana naps that we all have time to time and some all the time. After a long hard session out the road on the bike and then sitting down to relax often bring a sense of drowsiness that is hard to fight off.

Best advice is don’t fight this off learn from your body seeking a recovery time, if at home in the easy chair or on the couch with the TV or background music. This powernap will allow for the rest of the day to be met with a relaxed and recovered body and mind.

Speaking with a semi-professional cyclist on this matter lately revealed that the powernap (only nana nap for the over 50’s) is integral to their intensive training schedule and is expected not rejected. Refuelling the body with food and beverages that promote recovery may well in some cases mask the body’s needs for the rest and recovery that the easy chair or couch power nap delivers.

I recall however an experience in my own health cycle where the nana naps (yes an over 50’s specimen) become an event that was fought more than when we had been out on the bike exercising.  To start with I put this off as just being tired and trying to put too much into the day. A trip to the doctor and some blood sugar tests indicated that I was bordering on being diabetic that my sugar levels were well above the normal expected levels. The answer was too much sugar had been induced into my system through additives in my intake of fluids. I removed this intrusion and now drink just water and we are back to the regular nana naps only as we need them.

The moral of this story is to have your regular checkups to make sure that what we think and are learning about our bodies is being supported with good evidence of our health through testing of the vitals of blood pressure and sugar levels along with cholesterol all hidden potential risk of health at the upper levels of age.

Looking forward to seeing you on the road soon God willing


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