There is a cost!

2012 –  you’re about to start with a new beginning in cycling or any other aspect of your life as your new year resolution there is a cost factor that may well need to be considered.

Entering into cycling starts with an initial outlay of purchasing the bike that suits your vision of cycling whether for commuting, riding trails on the weekend, or wanting to join , recreational road riding. Having a budget figure of expenditure is essential or money will slip through your fingers. The bike choice then will require pedal choice and shoes to match. Good sound advice is selecting a well fitting helmet as this can be all that is between you and the road in an event of a fall. Clothing is another area where choice seems to come with some reservations but once the element of comfort is experienced in having a reasonable pair of cycling Knicks  and good gloves you won’t regret the outlay.

So far we have skimmed over the hip pocket costs where it is easy to see the value. Have you taken into account the time cost and how your existing life style can accommodate this new venture?  If you have played sport before then you are part way on the road to knowing the commitment of time. Time required will be proportional to what you hope to have as a return in your fitness levels, kilometres travelled, and kilo grams lost, event’s accomplished or cups of coffee consumed with new found friends.

Goal setting is time management and being able to measure your level of fitness against recovery and rest and what your intake of food and hydration have been. Making commitments to suit existing time constraints is not easy and often means early mornings or later evenings to establish a solid routine and having training partners to keep regimented. Consider commuting as an option which may well require a change of mind set over hair styles and leaving lap top computers at work and getting remote logon from work as well as looking at clothing arrangements and personal cleanliness.

Whatever we consider as a cost it will have an impact on all our family and work. There is no cost that is just for self it has to have a flow on affect on all our lives are linked with. Quite often our families members are not well prepared for the impact of the cost, both monetary and time. Keeping this balance is important in the initial stages of starting out until the benefits of cycling are realised for improving our health and well being and particularly our mental health.

Be assured if you get surrounded by the right advice and people the cycling bug will grab your attention and time. Having support of family partners and friends will make the make the transition so much smoother. Trying to sneak more time can be a big issue as you have increased the costs and impact you were trying to manage. These costs are real and not to be shrugged off but embraced with seeking agreement with all family stakeholders.

Let’s not have cycling widows and orphans, keep these costs a priority and become smarter how to use time and effort by varying training schedules and time on the bike.

Looking forward to seeing you on the bike soon God willing.


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