Moments like these!

Ever have one of those moments where things happen that make you wonder what is behind our being? Find more and people sharing the “what are the odds of this” moments in their life, quite often is said the six degrees of separation, where someone knows that someone who is linked to our lives and circumstances.

Take them as you will, I enjoy hearing the encounters of others. Like the local rider preparing for a ride across Canada and getting the right contacts on what the conditions and environment is likely to be encountered.  There are a number of internet sites across the world for back packing tourists for getting a hot shower and accessing a sofa to sleep on where people register their availability, allowing travellers these small comforts away from home.

Seeking to find out more about a recent ride across Canada a plea was made on the network on the route that had been chosen for this ride (a bit like a Great Victorian Bike Ride). A response came back from a Canadian that an Australian friend of theirs had undertaken this ride and sent their contact details. The Australian was a very meticulous lady who lives in Melbourne had taken notes of the road names and details in a diary. After the introduction there was a reluctant at first but after the explanation of the purpose and plan for crossing Canada by bike as a research project amongst other reasons the copies of the diary of travel are being made available. This has taken such a stress out of the unknown.

While recently riding with a lady cyclist I was taken aback (as men can be) by the amazing bike that she was riding and asked about the components for racing. The bike is a very special time trial bike and for racing has a set of 404 ZIP singles. The bike had been bought at an ironman event in Hawaii. Asked about getting punctures and how did they cope while being out the road in competition, and the following story came out.

In a recent iron man competition a puncture did happen in a brand new set of tyres just glued onto the rim.  After much struggling, the punctured tyre was rolled off the rim breaking the seal of the new glue.  A spare tyre was rolled onto the rim and there was enough tacky glue to seal the tyre onto the rim making this her first time ever having to change a tyre in competition and use a CO2 gas bottle to inflate again. But for some unknown reason a little was down the road this tyre also went flat. An attempt was made to insert a repairing agent but this was not affective. A mechanic came along and offered assistance and cutting the story short got the bike back on the road. This mechanic just happened to come from the bike shop where the bike had been purchased in Hawaii and was here in Australia helping out at the event and was excited to be able to help out in such a way.

Life is enriched when we offer ourselves to helping others as these two stories have enfolded and affirmed.

Looking forward to seeing you on the road soon God willing


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