Christmas gifts for cyclists

Dual suspension MTB with red ribbon sitting beside a Christmas tree

What to give the cyclist for Christmas?

Christmas is looming very quickly and known as the season for giving and receiving, thought you may well like some ideas on the Christmas stocking fillers that won’t break the budget but be a joy to receive.

Getting a flat tyre is never a delight as the pumping up of the tyre wears you out trying to get the high pressure back into the tube. There is a simple smart and quick solution that reduces the gym work out of pumping; CO2 gas bottles and applicator the tyre is pumped back to around 120 psi in approximately 2 seconds, making these worth the weight to carry (which is probably less than most pumps).

I often advocate the three points of contact and how valuable the right bike set up is for the protection of the body and ability to produce the maximum power outputs. Consider a gift voucher for a professional bike fit you may well be surprised how much this will add to the joy of cycling.

Speaking of the three points of contact the bottom may well benefit from a good chamois cream as a gift, particularly if you are heading into some heavy hours in the saddle. A simple addition to the cycling medicinal kit is Paw Paw ointment which is a natural anaesthetic and promoter of healing over night for any rash or general skin wear and sometime tear in this delicate hidden area of the body.

For many years, I held off on wearing cycling socks as they seemed to be part of the cycling kit that was not warranted and wore just any brand of sports socks. After having a few pairs, I can advocate cycling socks are well worth having as they breathe so well and reduce the sweating feet syndrome.

Cycling gloves are an essential safety insurance for protection of the hands and may well encourage the use if not already.

We are headed for a hot summer and for the sun conscience people the sun protective arm sleeves these are amazing. There is little to no difference in over heating as the material is so sheer and they roll up to next to nothing if required to be taken off and carried.

A trendy pair of cycling glasses that make the cycling statement may well be a good surprise as well. There are plenty to chose from.

Take out a 12 months subscription for a cycling magazine that will keep your cyclist up to date in the happening across the cycling scene and gain valuable tips on hydration and nutrition all worthy of knowledge to carry along the way.

Bike cleaning kits are also great value for the general care of chain and frame. Consider the purchase of decreasing spray and chain oil to replenish the chain when cleaned.

If you want to impress and spend a bit more there are many monitoring devices on the market to manage heart rate and calories burnt as well as the power created in watts along with altitude, temperature, speed and mapping.

Might be that a new light kit for the early morning rides to be kept safe as there are such improvements in lights for cycling.

Hope one of these suggestions find its way onto a Christmas list and keeps our riders safe and healthy on the bike.

Looking forward to seeing you on the road soon God willing.


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