Spring into cycling

A man and a woman in business clothes on bicycles

Beneficial: your health and your wallet benefit from riding to work. Photo courtesy Bicyle Network Victoria

Spring, the season of new growth, sunshine and lengthening day light hours the beckoning to get out doors and enjoy the freshness of the wind on the face the warmth of the sun. Never ceases to amaze the amount of new faces out cycling of all ages on the road along bike paths and trails that this great city offers. Ladies overcoming the fear of helmet hair and men prepared to ride with their spouses and share the freedom that cycling brings all comers. Pace not an issue, parking eliminated and coffee stops are frequently found at nearly all ends of the town just off the bike paths.

This spring may well be a transformation for your cycling by taking on the challenge of the 6th National Ride to Work Day on the 12th October 2011. It is anticipated 150,000 Australians will take part from over 3,500 workplaces registering for Ride to Work Day in 2011. Ride to Work Day post-event surveys revealed that 43 per cent of first time riders in 2010 are now riding to work in 2011 and over 50 per cent of participants are riding more often in 2011.

You are encouraged to take part and become another part of the increasing movement of healthier Australians who benefit in the following ways

  • The risk of inactivity is 20 times greater than the health risk posed by a potential accident on a bike.
  • Three hours of bike riding a week reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke by 50 per cent.
  • A regular bike rider can be expected to be as fit as a person 10 years younger.
  • Those who ride their bicycle to work each day showed a 39 per cent reduction in the risk of all-cause mortality over 15 years.
  • Women who ride their bicycle 30+ minutes a day have a lower risk of breast cancer,
  • Every bicycle km ridden saves society 25 cents in the dollar, every car km driven costs society 16 cents in the dollar.
  • Bicycles impose 95 per cent less traffic congestion than an average car, but if we were to shift a mere five per cent of car trips to bicycle, greenhouse gas emission impacts could reduce by up to 8 per cent

Bendigo City Council add their support for this day with a free breakfast in the Civic Gardens with give-aways and activities that will encourage cyclists to continue to participate more regularly in the ride to work culture. The wide network of linear trails makes it possible to traverse across Bendigo and spend limited time in traffic.

Whatever your stumbling block maybe there is an answer that someone else has already faced and worked around. Whatever your fears of riding, many bear witness of initially sharing the same fear and are out there breaking through the barriers a ride at a time.

Make your target today to start preparing – plan your route take the time to make a trial ride and know the approximate time to arrive safely. Talk with your local management about the support and flexibility they may offer in relaxing clothing rules on the day and beyond.

Need help? Visit the www.ride2work.com.au website and register as well find the answer to many questions you may have.

Looking forward to seeing you on the road soon God willing.


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