On the road to good health

Bikes parked against every surface available near a cafe

Good company: cycling benefits both physical and mental health.

Who does not love getting a present? We all do. Presents need to be opened and used and it pays at times to understand the terms and conditions of their use and maintenance regimes. Life is bit like this, we have been given a wonderfully made body mind and soul, which need regular feeding exercise and rest we need to know the terms and conditions of use as well as restrictions.

At a recent men’s health week evening local doctors spoke of men’s health related issues and the statistical evidence for men in a country and rural environment being at risk.  The message was simple yet so profound worthy of sharing in the hope of impacting others for their good. The value of men’s healthy sexual relationships for the good of partnerships and how the failure in this area can be an indication of stress or other health related issues. Men need not be embarrassed to visit their GP to discuss as all the hype of medication to improve may not be the right application to fixing cause.

The head of the emergency department spoke of the predictability of people coming in the doors with heart failure with mental health issues, drinking and diabetes related emergencies. Overweight, unhealthy lifestyles, with no exercise can lead to these predictable health issues combined with smoking, poor diet and excessive drinking of alcohol or drug abuse. There was also the farm related emergencies the sports related injuries or drink and drug related issues in our younger community all having their predictability.

There is no doubt increasing high levels of stress with a high paced life style can undermine the balance we need. Mental health is an illness such as cough and cold, there is value in having a strong network of male friends that can hold an open caring dialogue. The regular checking up on each other can reduce and create early prevention of break downs that happen all to regularly and to the least expecting.

The question of knowing whether you are healthy was hard hitting and an eye opener. Health related issues are bit like putting on layers over a wound. If we don’t take them off regularly the underlying issue can be festering and eating away the good we have. Know your numbers in blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels are not something our body can show the average person an indication they are reaching inappropriate levels of risk. These need to be regularly checked at a minimum within 12 months particularly when we are reaching middle age. With such messages we can become complacent and think that’s not for me I don’t see myself in any of these categories, but can you confirm with medical checks that you are in good working order and know your numbers?

The cycling community offers many of the answers to getting a balanced healthy life and keeping the gift of life out of the box, active and working well. The fellowship of men together ticks many of the boxes for the mental health. There are many testimonies of weight loss and diet change coming from being involved in the cycling community.  Although cycling is a pathway for gaining freedom it still requires commitment dedication and instilling the checks and balances of regular checks with your local GP.

Looking forward to seeing you on the road soon God willing.


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