Obsessions we all have them at varying degrees ranging from the excessive compulsive that nothing else matters to the other end of the scale, I wouldn’t mind having it, but it is not the end of the world. Weight loss and control has become an obsession, that’s not such a bad focus to have when it is for healthy living of mind body and soul. The TV reality shows started off with a huge focus on the reduction of weight being the main focus.

There is no doubt there is now a subtle shift to the holistic view of the mind and heart having to be in order to achieve weight loss goals or goals of any kind. The focus on relationships being right and sorted first with self and then others is played out on the plasma screens right in our living rooms.  With the commitment and desire of heart and mind, regular exercise and a regulated diet make starting to lose weight more than just a weight loss goal but a life style change that can be sustained. The main factor has to be commitment to change as without a strong commitment there is no foundation to build on.

As cyclists we have seen not only weight loss for the body but also the bikes we ride becoming an obsession.  The frames have come through many amazing changes of materials and considerably change the weight and strength of the frame. To the point where for competition there has been imposed a minimum weight of no less than 6 kilos. It is reputed some frame makers are faced with how to add weight to keep within the allowed limitations. The obsession of some cyclists has become deceptive that their quest to have the lightest bike frame, the quickest set of wheels and tyres when their body weight can still be the issue in power per weight ratio.

There is no doubt that hill climbing is where this is most obvious the lighter the bike and body the greater chance of going up the hill quicker and easier. Wonder how many people carry a weight in their heart and mind that of unresolved anger, frustration, un-forgiveness and rejection that is like a big rock in their stomach and weight on their mind.

We all recognise that cycling is freeing for most of the day to day burdens and 10-15 minutes into training, or social ride our minds are clear and we become quite relaxed about what was troubling us. Not sure whether you have such a burden hidden in your heart? A good test is whether you have a short fuse when it comes to others that seem to waste your time and you chose anger as a response.

As cyclists we are confronted with many shared road users that just don’t cope with the seconds it takes to wait to get around us on the road. Do we as cyclists have similar attributes where our tolerance off the bike is not much better whether it be with our spouse’s, partner’s, family or mates.

Want to do better on and off the bike? Make sure you are not carrying the hidden burdens in the heart and mind, chose to make this an obsession until you find real freedom.

Looking forward to seeing you on the road soon God willing


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