Have bike, will travel

Who knows the limit to human commitment and endeavour, I guess only God knows! We all have unknowingly sets limits in our lives that stops those “one day’s soon” and “gunna get round to it” moments, all promises made but not followed through. Cycling can be a pathway to meeting and fulfilling many of the “if only” and “when time allows” that lay hidden in the mind and heart. Is there any aspect of our lives were a commitment is not required combined with a reasonable amount of hard work and sense of enjoyment.

All cycling activities requires commitment, it is not a something you can just be involved in or around people that are cyclists. The difference between ‘involvement’ and ‘commitment’ is like an eggs-and-ham breakfast: the chicken was ‘involved’ – the pig was ‘committed’. Cycling can be to some a chance where the body mind and soul gets a work out, time on the bike creating a renewed sense of freedom and enjoyment particularly when the time is spent in the presence of like minded people, not just on the bike but as much off.

I always get great enjoyment in hearing testimonies of riders who had no comprehension as to where, what and how cycling could impact their lives. In all testimonies there is a common thread of the fear in starting off and remaining committed and without the camaraderie and fellowship of other cyclists and their families this would still be a dream beyond reach. In this I also hear others that say they could not couldn’t sustain what was required and had to fall back, to these we offer another opportunity don’t give up your timing might be right now.

While cycling is not the only exercise that releases the endorphins to increase the capacity of mind body and soul, there are limited activities that can match what cycling offers. Take full advantage of being able to join fellow members of a community sharing the sense of adventure in exploring new pathways roads and even far off countries.

With travel on public transport being more and more acceptable the length of destination can be extended with a bit of planning and research into the best timing for shared transport options. There are unlimited bike paths, rail trails and just open roads right across the state of Victoria and beyond. The path ways of Melbourne can make a cycling day trip to visit family and friends or just explore Melbourne’s suburbs and CBD.

In 2010 there were groups of cyclists just like you that got together and strategically planned trips locally and far abroad. Some went on cycling tours that were arranged by professional touring groups, other made their own plans. Some started locally and got used to the riding of distance and terrain in preparation of their mind and budget alike. There seemed no boundaries or barriers to what was being planned and achieved all at a reason budget.  Some extended holidays and added a cycling component of an area of the Alps they had seen in cycling tours such as Tour De France.

Sounds exciting but don’t know where to start? Language is a fear for you? These are all boundaries that have been crossed. What do I do with the wife and family can they be part of the trip? Ask around what others have done to share their time away. Planning starts today and budgeting is a weekly commitment but it is all achievable just as much is a trip to the Gold Coast. The cycling network has access to all number of people that have ventured far and wide that are only too pleased to share their experience. Have not yet got on the bike and would like to this year as your new start, just ask and help is available from local bikes shops, to support on the road with experienced encouraging members of the cycling community.

I was just sharing recently that cycling is likened to the days in preschool where we all linked hands and followed the leader step by step. In the cycling community there is a leader for every path it is just a matter of getting linked in.  Racing is your desire this is a natural in Bendigo a bridged crossed by many that can steer you in the right direction whether it be male or female able body or disabled there is always help on hand when the commitment is made.

Looking forward to seeing you on the road soon God willing.


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