Short-term parking solutions

Hoops provide convenient short-term bike parking.

Hoops provide convenient short-term bike parking.

One of the most common prayers offered in Bendigo would be “God bless me with a parking spot!” Parking in any city is at a premium for all, shop owners, employees and customers not to mention delivery drivers.

Well this is no different for the commuting cyclist the same question arises where do I park my bike for the day for it to be secure from being stolen and or damaged not too far off from my place of employment.

Bendigo council's free bike cages.

Bendigo council's free bike cages.

The City of Greater Bendigo has made secure bike parking free of charge to any cyclist wishing to have a place to store their bike in the CBD. The only cost is that of supplying your own secure padlock.  The bike parking area is in the form of secure cages in the first floor of the multi car park situated on Hargreaves Street on the north side of the Mall making access into the CBD in most cases no more than 2-3 blocks of working to your place of work if central Bendigo.

Bendigo train commuters have also been given secure parking for their bikes at the railway station through the work of Bicycle Victoria in conjunction with the Department of Transport to provide free, undercover bike parking cages at stations across Victoria. Bicycle Victoria wants to make it easy for you to integrate with the public transport by bike. As a cage member these cages will allow you to park your bike undercover, secure and for free.

Bendigo's Parkiteer cage was designed by Bicycle Victoria for train commuters.

Bendigo's Parkiteer cage was designed by Bicycle Victoria for train commuters.

The cages were designed to Bicycle Victoria requirements and are operated by Bicycle Victoria. Secure access is provided by an access card system and movements in and out of the cages are electronically monitored. There is a $50 deposit for the security card.

Parkiteer will increase the total commuter parking capacity at railway stations, as 26 bikes fit in each cage. Each covers an area roughly equivalent to three car spaces. It is predicted that mixed mode journeys involving bikes and public transport will continue to increase. More people will be prepared to bike to the station now that their bikes can be secure.

Looking around Bendigo the council and developers are making a genuine effort to be providing short-term bike parking. These are in the form of stainless steel street furnishing of a half hoop design which are sturdy and makes it possible to secure you bike for a short time with your own bike locking device.

There are many good products on sale at your local bike shop.  Bicycle Victoria’s “Ride on” magazine this month has a comparison of products and how difficult they are to break open. This is not easy and bolt cutters and hacksaw are no threat. The only device able to cut through the securing cables is an angle grinder which would draw much attention at the time.

Bike stands and racks are many and varied if considering space saving ideas for storing that beloved bike in a garage and the car still having its own space exhaust all avenues as there will be one that suits your needs and price bracket.  We don’t all have the luxury or a forgiving wife to keep our bikes in the bedroom.

See you on the road soon God willing.


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