It starts with a good thought

Cycling in bunches can have such a diversity of people from all walks of life culture and vocations. You may have no idea who is on a bike beside you when they are clad in lycra with helmet donned cruising along side by side in front and behind. There is little indication to their mental well being and state of their heart, but by just being there they are having a need met.

This type of group dynamics draws some back again and again despite feelings of inadequacy or intimidation by the strength and capabilities of others in the group that are sometime perceived as cycling giants and gifted with the strength of Samson or there is mountains they feel they could never conquered yet are prepared to face and engage the challenge.

Every member brings something special to the group, some well realized and other not fully known but none-the-less well appreciated that they keep coming back and are part of the community relationships that are cherished.

Some members are blessed with an abundance of finances and are known for their generosity for shouting the coffee at the end of the ride. Others are strong and are known to be the work horses that other group members can shield and shelter, behind when times are tough with adverse conditions. Some are those that are gifted with a timely kind word of encouragement and wisdom or the listening ear and the closed mouth that meets the situation as required. While there are the chosen few that are wise and act as elders like that of a tribal group, when they speak there are ears to listen as they don’t waste their words.  There are others that have a hospitable heart and cook and provide for others when there is a crisis or a time of celebration with an abundance of food that can bring comfort for the soul.

Some members seem never to engage and are like fringe dwellers yet when least expected they come through with provisions that the more engaged members have missed being too close to see the need.

The group usually has a member or two that have the beautiful attitude of heart that what is mine is yours and openly give far more than they could ever take.  Can you see yourself in these descriptions?

Why would this be this week’s article? One would hope and pray that as this community takes stock of the weekend’s events that we could all think of what we have to offer.  It all starts with a thought followed closely by an action that reaches beyond our own inabilities or fears just as those starting off in cycling often feel.

Like the cycling group there is not one member of our community that doesn’t have something they can offer whether it is in the short medium or long term. Being open and available to making our thoughts become an action without restraint of fear to reach out and say the kind word, make the meal, share the clothes that have not been worn in the wardrobe or just to be there when it hurts to be prepared to not say a word but listen to the silence. Make the time to visit and offer assistance write the letter to say well done and thank you.

Some may well say I don’t know anyone affected this may well be true, but you may well know a member of the collective State Emergency Services who have all given so much that a thank you and show of appreciation could lift a spirit that is flagging.  This is time to unite and put aside differences using every resource we have at our disposal. Focus on the heart issues and not the enormity of the task.

If giving is what you do best then give abundantly, if encouraging is your blessed gift don’t cease exhausting yourself for others. In cycling we have a motto that we don’t leave any straggler and we aim to bring all those that start the journey home from the journey.  If we focus on the size of the task and not the seeds of thought from the heart we could well be beaten before we start. It’s like cycling the mountain one full rotation of the pedals followed by another not leaving one good turn undone we conquer the highest hill and the lowest valleys.

See you on the road soon God willing


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