Bendigo’s growing cycling community network

Bendigo Cycling Community meeting place

Bendigo Cycling Community meeting place

Bendigo’s growing cycling community network

There could be no doubt left in anyone’s mind that Bendigo’s cycling community has grown amazingly over the past few years. The health and well being of Bendigo has certainly been improved, many kilo’s many with depression have found freedom many have formed lifelong friendships and partnerships for the future.

There is no hidden agenda when groups meet to have fellowship and a healthy camaraderie it’s beyond understanding. It is hard to imagine where you could meet such a diverse group of people that share a common interest and yet come from such demographically opposed places within community. Have heard it likened to a church without the roof and four walls.

Each week groups meet at the favoured Sternberg Street roundabout from 7.00 am till 7.45 am groups are leaving every 10 minutes. Beside you for the ride could be one of the many elite riders of Bendigo. You may meet a past Olympian, Commonwealth Games, World Titles Competitor. Or one of the numerous national and international riders who was a champion in their own right. They won’t tell you nor will they be out to hurt you intentionally but to enjoy your company and focus on contributing to the groups benefit. It could be many of the riders who work in the education system of primary and secondary who are shaping the minds and paths of our youth.  It could be a trades person a craftsman of timber, metal or paint there is no indication by the way they pedal or sit on the bike or dress they may be a sparkie who knows how to wire up our homes and industry. It could be one of the young up and coming world class cyclists, many of whom a very shy and short of words but not of strength and speed (think there may be a lesson in there for us chatterboxes).  There are the mums and receptionist the IT gurus and the old, young, small and not quite small all alike making a contribution by their presence in the groups.  It could be an entrepreneurs in their own right, one of the many CEO’s of major organisations, leaders of community, representatives and ambassadors for this City.  There are the holders of the law and peace or at rare times a judge whose bite on the bike can be likened to a hard sentence being handed down. We can be rest assured that we will have the Bendigo Bank well represented bring their strength of community spirit to the cycling community. You can be sure of this that at sometime beside you will be an interesting character, which at times may well be likened to speed dating?  We have many professional people from the health system doctor’s nurses and technicians working hard all week and looking forward to seeing people’s health and well being improve and remain void of disease. This is the desire of the cycling community coming to fruition with so many making a healthy life style change. It could well be the chef that cooked the meal that you enjoyed or a supplier of your stationary needs you may never know it could be a custodian of Parks Victoria or a worker in the field of animal husbandry or in the exciting work of an Agronomist developing fertilisers and herbicides.  Where do you fit in. You may well be the missing link that comes next to make the community more complete in its diversity.  This we do know that every member’s is accepted and respected in their field of endeavours which forms no barrier to sharing precious time on the road and coffee ritual after the ride.

Are you welcome to come and join in? Yes by all means! Come and share desire to see community grow and be responsible shared road users and experience what this great City has to offer and be cycling ambassadors.

See you on the road soon God willing


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