Castlemaine Cycling Club 30 years young and virbrant

There were a few riders getting together to train over a period and they met one day to discuss starting a club, and a meeting was planned.  The Club was formed with a Public Meeting on 18th May 1978. There were 18 people present. Mr Barry Thornbury took the Chair and was voted in as the inaugural President.  There was a  motion: That a Cycling Club be formed and it be named the Castlemaine Amateur Cycling Club. Moved Mr A Morrow, 2nd Mr S Robins and Carried.

There were 18 present on the first night and the first race meeting was set for the 27th May 1978. The current membership is 62 and rising, with a strong component of juniors in the club.

There have been many successful riders over the years, from the early days of  Anthony Stork, Kathy Wynd, David Maltby, Ken Maddern, Shane Toy and Shaun Boschart, through to more recent times of  Kim Revell, Carly Waddington, Lucinda Saunders, Jess Amy, Sean Finning, Shirley Amy.

The club boasts of many State , National and International medals  won by Club Members. The following riders have been Australian Representatives at Elite level; David Maltby, Ken Maddern, Sean Finning and Jess Amy, with Shirley Amy at Masters level. One of the many highlights has been the several World Medals won by Sean Finning. The ultimate, being the crowning of Sean as Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist in the Points Score at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.  He was rewarded with the Key to the City when he returned to Castlemaine.

The Castlemaine Cycling Club offers a fantastic family friendly club, which encourages participation at all levels. We provide opportunities for novice riders to Come and Try, right through to coaching athletes at National and International level. We provide healthy social interaction through fellowshipping over afternoon tea after racing and a range of functions through out the year. For racing we are able to hire out track or road bikes for a nominal fee to allow potential members to try cycling, before committing to purchasing purpose built bikes.

We are responsible corporate citizens. We contribute to the community by quality leadership through local committees to maintain and rebuild sporting facilities in Castlemaine. Also by hosting Open events in the Shire, we bring hundreds of visitors to the area, contributing to the local economy. In April we held the nab Showmans Criterium in the CBD. On the weekend of 17th and 18th May, we hosted nearly 300 riders for the Victorian Metropolitan and Country Road Titles in the Newstead area. Again in the Newstead area in August, we will be hosting the Victorian State Masters Road Race and Time Trial Championships.

The Club is currently being built on a solid foundation. The Committee has a healthy mixture of experience and new blood and is providing a variety of racing and new experiences especially for junior members. Recently the leadership adopted a new approach to the way the Club operates, bringing in a system of portfolios to allow the Executive of the Club to develop new skills in a variety of areas, and to spread the responsibility across a broader base. This seems to be working well in the initial period.


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