A visitor’s view of Bendigo

Man leaning on marker of geodesic centre of VictoriaThe heart of the matter: Alan and friends came a long way to check out what Bendigo offers cyclists. Photo: Marjie Courtis

Bendigo gets many cycling visitors. Here’s a wrap-up from Marjie who visited over Easter.


When ten cycling friends from Melbourne pitched their tents at Golden Square Caravan Park on Good Friday, they had Easter Ease on their minds.

With a rear bike path linking us to the O’Keefe trail, we could easily set out on tours to vineyards, Axedale and other local destinations and vantage points.

With a number of tours under our pedals, we now have a well-oiled set of rating criteria.

Bendigo rated very well on its cycle-friendly intentions, with trails, lanes, wide roads, and courteous drivers, and we really liked the pubs, restaurants and wines.

Our timing was good and we enjoyed the ‘bonus’ offerings of the Easter Festival-the Easter Parade with its Impressive Imperial Dragon and special exhibitions like photographs, bonsai, Art Gallery and Town Hall displays. .

We appreciated little things, like the sign to the “Centre of Victoria”, a trig point that we visited on our winery tour.

We couldn’t rate Bendigo quite so well on the signage to, and on, bike trails. And next time around, we’d be hoping for a more consistent surface standard, especially on the O’Keefe rail trail.

While Bendigo offers cyclists an extensive range of opportunities, to make it easier, a single source of cycling information would have been excellent, with details relevant to a range of cycling standards.

And perhaps a handy hint on the number of spare tubes one might need – based on our experience, more than one per cyclist!

Punctures are part of cycling, but we must have cycled over a lot of Khaki Weed. We found a number of bindi-eyes in our tyres when we stopped to fix our “flats”. Alas, we had 13 punctures over 20 tyres! One tyre alone scored three!

With extra tyre tubes we could have saved our buddy, Bertie, from having to cycle into town for more tubes, though her experience had more than a rubber lining to it.

She found an exceptionally helpful bike shop staffer at Moroni’s-and a chatty customer who returned her promptly to the rail trail in his van.

As many Bendigonians were keen to point out to us, Bendigo is one of Victoria’s best kept secrets.

And to me, the fresh rose in the Ladies’ Room at the Bendigo Art Gallery exemplified Bendigo’s ease, style and warmth.

Thanks from Alan, Jenny, Denis, Helen, Ian, Lisa, Marjie, Roberta, Robin and Wayne, for sharing your secret with us!


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