Go places and meet people with a cycling club

Four cyclists looking out over dry Lake EppalockThe best thing about cycling is that so many other people share your passion, especially in cycling-mad Bendigo. If you want to discover Bendigo or meet like-minded people, joining a club is a great way to do it. There’s a huge variety on offer.

For social rides around Bendigo try the Bendigo Ghost Riders. Two rides a week (Saturday and Monday) on mountain bikes. Contact Colin Filton on 0419 505 679 or see www.warbyghostriders.com/bendigo.php.

The Bendigo Mountain Bike Club conducts social and competitive rides. See www.mtbbendigo.com or phone one of the club’s representatives. John Harvey 0418 390602, Murray Willett 0438 382 778, Peter Carr 5447 3850, or Ashleigh Cox 0417 533 344.

The Bendigo Bicycle Users Group offers social rides on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday for road and mountain or hybrid bikes. See www.bendigobug.org.au or phone the secretary, Steve Boswell, on 5439 5330.

For a challenge with a map on your mountain bike, you could try mountain bike orienteering. Contact Terry Davidson on 5439 3175 or see www.vicorienteering.asn.au/mtbo/index.html

The Bendigo BMX club offers a completely different challenge and it has its own track in Eaglehawk. Contact Brock 0415 563 239 or Jamie 0438 621 361 for more information.

If you want a non-competitive long-distance challenge, then Audax Australia is the go. Audax organises rides around the country, including some in Bendigo, ranging from 50 km to 600 km. See www.audax.org.au or contact the national membership secretary, Lorraine Allen on (03) 5783 2427 or 0417 123 771.

If it is competition you want, then there’s plenty on offer there as well. The Bendigo Mountain Bike Club, BMX club and orienteering club all have competitive events.

The Bendigo and District Cycling Club has both road and track competitions for juniors, elite and masters. See www.bendigocyclingclub.com.au or contact the president, Ash Harding, on 5443 2224 or secretary, Tim Bennet, on 0413 312 691.

The Central Victorian Veterans’ Cycling Club meets every Saturday at 2 pm at the Woodstock Hall for road racing. Women over 30 and men over 35 are eligible to join. They also offer a “come and try” option. See www.cvvcc.org.au or contact Shane Standfield on 5448 8143 or 0417 334 320.

Want to add some variety? Try the Bendigo Triathlon Club. The club stages its own series offering mini, short and long distances to give all abilities the chance to compete. Contact Craig Sloan on 0417 057 947 or see www.bendigotriathlon.com.

See you on the road soon, God willing.


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