Pedal to work for a pumped-up start

Cycle angel on a penny farthingHow does your working day start? I’m very lucky that I can start mine on two wheels.

Before I switch on the computer and take the first phone call I’ve been out taking in the morning. I’ve waved to people I know pedalling the other way. I’ve said hello to people I don’t know going my way.

There are all sorts of health, financial and environmental reasons to ride to work. But the best reason is that you just arrive feeling great. Get your heart pumping and you can’t help it.

If you’ve never ridden to work, the logistical challenges can seem a little daunting at first.

Do you need to get into lycra or can you just ride in your work clothes? If you don’t have far to go, you won’t get sweaty on your way into work. So if your work clothes are comfortable enough to ride in that saves you having to worry about carrying them there and changing.

If you like to push yourself to a personal best each morning and your work place has a shower, you’ll need to get your gear to work somehow. You can either carry it with you in panniers or a back pack each day. Or you might try riding three or four times a week and taking in work clothes and a towel the days you don’t ride.

Parking your bike somewhere safe can be another challenge. Statistics about the productivity benefits of employees riding to work come in handy when you’re negotiating with your employer for secure parking. It’s also a lot easier to find space to park bikes than cars.

Of course traffic can be another challenge if you’re new to riding to work. But you don’t have to go the same way on a bike that you do in a car. Often it’s just as fast and a lot more enjoyable to take back roads and bike paths. Ask a colleague who rides for some advice about the best routes.

Look forward to saying hello to you on the road soon, God willing.


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